The BBLAB mission is to raise awareness of the need of digitalization of the SMEs and to support companies in their transformation to follow the principles of Industry 4.0.

During a three day on-site visit that took place in Bielsko Biala, Poland on 25-27 of September 2019, the DIHELP coaches supported the DIH BBLAB in further refining its business model and business plan. Through in depth discussions and exercises, BBLAB was able to sharpen its offer and decided to focus in particular on activities related to awareness raising and education. In the near future, the BBLAB service offer will also include consultancy services, access to finance and provision of testing and prototyping facilities in the 3D printing lab.

As part of the on-site visit, the DIH also organised a stakeholder workshop for the local community of entrepreneurs with participation of local authorities and the local university.  During the workshop, the leader of the BBLAB presented the DIH, which was followed by a lively discussion on the DIH’s services offer and potential involvement of the present stakeholders.  The need to raise awareness of benefits of digitalization in the region was specifically relevant for SMEs in the service sector and the participants agreed to meet again in few weeks to discuss further their involvement.