DIH-ITE worked hard to develop it’s sustainable business model with the help of DIHelp coaches during 3 days of workshops 26 – 28 June.

On the first two days, the dedicated core team of the DIH undertook a detailed review of the business model, challenging the current status in each dimension. Focus was put especially on the DIH’s future governance model as well as the possibility of expanding its current customer base.

DIH-ITE seized the chance offered by the stakeholder engagement workshop on 28 June to present their business model to regional actors. The DIH’s ideas were well received by the heterogeneous group present, comprising both existing partners of the DIH and interested stakeholders keen to begin collaboration. The ensuing lively discussion centered around how the DIH could collaborate even more effectively with other DIHs in Poland to support real change.

In the coming months, DIH-ITE looks forward to further consolidating and implementing its business model with support from the DIHelp coaches as well as peer-to-peer learning webinars.

To learn more about DIH-ITE, please contact: grabiec@ite.waw.pl