Digital Innovation Hubs

Enhanced Learning Programme

The Digital Innovation Hub Enhanced-Learning Programme (DIHELP) is a mentoring and coaching programme that is supporting 30 Digital Innovation Hubs to develop and/or scale-up their activities for 9 months.

In the frame of its activities, the Digital Innovation Hub Enhanced Learning Programme organises a series of webinars open to the general public. 

Next DIHELP webinars will be organised in collaboration with the European IPR Helpdesk:

Stay tuned !


DIHELP Academy works with DIH PISMO to strengthen their business model

PISMO DIH operates as a part of Sisak Moslavina County Development agency, and works toward it’s newly defined vision to: “Bring a positive change in SMC to become the centre of the gaming industry and new digital technologies that attracts and retains financing and...

SSH – The Journey to a Clear Mission

Scenes from the workshop with the team of the Smart Systems Hub, Dresden, Germany For the DIHelp on-site workshop in September 2019, the Smart Systems Hub (SSH) in Dresden, Germany, with focus on IoT, had a number of clear objectives: reach a common understanding of...


BBLAB Workshop | 26 September | Bielsko-Biała

On 26th September, the Regional Development Agency in Bielsko-Biała will host a workshop entitled ‘BBLAB – Digital Innovation Hub in Bielsko-Biała’ in the framework od DIHELP project. RDA invites all relevant stakeholders – from the world of academia, business, public...

Workshop Digital Transformation | 12 September | Leuven

How can cobots improve my production? What is machine learning? Is my workforce willing to use AR-technology?  SMEs face many challenges in digitising their products and production. That is why Flanders Make organises a workshop on the digital...

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