From 30 July to 1 August 2019, the onsite module of the DIHelp Academy was conducted in Timisoara, West Romania in the facilities of the DIH West Region Romania. During the first two days, the DIH team and the DIHelp coach explicitly refined the Hub’s vision and business plan, focusing on the value propositions and the underlying financial and pricing model. In addition, the importance and implementation of KPIs related to digital offers and activities was discussed in detail, referring to the Digital Innovation Quotient assessment as one possibility for future measurement.

On day three, the regional stakeholder event was hosted in the DIH’s facilities, being well frequented by both local authorities and shareholders of the DIH, as well as SMEs and representatives from bigger businesses from the West Romania Region. During fruitful and intense discussions, the local challenges and opportunities of emerging (digital) trends in the business landscape were addressed, resulting in a long-list of potentially interesting topics for future value propositions of the DIH.

Looking forward, the DIH West Region Romania is focusing on setting up the organizational structures necessary to set up the DIH as such, combining the current efforts of its shareholders to help the local SMEs and broader ecosystem to benefit from (digital) innovation.