Scenes from the workshop with the team of the Smart Systems Hub, Dresden, Germany

For the DIHelp on-site workshop in September 2019, the Smart Systems Hub (SSH) in Dresden, Germany, with focus on IoT, had a number of clear objectives: reach a common understanding of SSH’s goals and business model, revise the original plan to gain focus, develop sustainable value propositions and to foster team-building.

An interesting discussion and process took place when the question came up what SSH’s vision and mission should be. What emerged as a potential strategic positioning for the future was the role of a system integrator for IoT. Especially for SMEs looking for advanced IoT technologies it is difficult to develop a suitable IoT roadmap and to engage the right experts at the right time. SSH as a neutral hub can advise the SMEs on where to start with the digitization and with IoT, refer to experts in the respective field and to the most suitable technological solutions.

Based on the idea of linking technology providers with technology users, SSH already established a solid basis with leading international technology companies. For the technology users they have developed formats to identify the specific digitization needs, such as “trails” that lead through the technology maze and present suitable smart components, algorithms, machines or even complete smart manufacturing solutions leading to digital transformation and digital innovation. SSH also supports the development of digital innovation with their Thin[gk]athons. During these events, teams develop solutions related to smart infrastructure. Learnings from these events will help technology solution provider to identify unmet needs and how to address them.

In its role as hub connecting technology provider and technology user in very different contexts the question who might be SSH’s competitors pointed to the need for further market research in order to define the spots where SSH will be able to provide unique value propositions on a sustainable basis in the region, but also on national and international scale.