From September 16-18, in Kielce, Poland, the KPT Startup DIH hosted the 3 days onsite module of the DIH Academy – part of the DIH Enhanced Learning Programme. The DIH’s core team and selected shareholders had intense workshop sessions during the first two days, facilitated by the experienced DIHelp coach. The discussions mainly led to value-adding outcomes regarding the DIH’s offers and its pricing and financing model. Having already a fully functional business plan in place, the focus was on further finetuning that very plan and leading to a future of own financial sustainability for the hub.

The morning of the last day was used to host a broader shareholder event with numerous participants from local authorities, selected existing shareholders, the DIH team and several SME’s and bigger companies from the region. In the afternoon, a closed strategy discussion with all core shareholders of the DIH took place in addition, including fruitful thought-exchange regarding the possibility to further expand the business based on new income sources and models.

Looking ahead, the DIH will continue to explore additional business opportunities, taking into considerations the possible benefits of the existing shareholders, e.g. the main player behind it: the Kielce technology park.

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