The 29-30 November the Regional Development Agency of Asturias (IDEPA) together with the European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA) co-organised an international conference that gave practical insights into innovation inside Development Agencies. 

AGORADA +  was organized in Oviedo (Spain) and gathered more than 50 different regional stakeholders, mostly RDA´s but also municipalities, Industrial Associations, Chambers of commerce… who where interested on continuous innovation inside public organisation and impact.

The event was mainly directed towards top executives and managers working in development agencies. On this occasion, Alain Gutierrez Ventura from Eurada was the responsible of presenting the DIHelp programme overview to the assistants. All the participants where invited to prepare an Expression of Interest and were given the key tips to prepare a successful application.

EU non countries RDA´s show up also their interest to participate in the programme. Those events have helped the Consortium on building the FAQ to ensure that all the applicants do not carry out useless efforts.

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More information on the open call here.

Register to the information webinar (11/12 at 10.30) here.