During a two day work session that took place in Kristiansand, Norway on 10-11 of September 2019 the business model and business plan of the Digital Innovation Hub for Ocean Technology (DIH OT) was further refined with the support of the DIHELP coaches. A particular emphasis was put on embedding the new DIH in European networks by identifying partners and others hubs. At the same time, the partners critically examined their business model and financial sustainability. Through exercises on customer segments and exploring options for (government) financing the DIH OT was able to advance their model and prepare for the stakeholder workshop taking place on  11 September 2019.

During the stakeholder workshop, representatives of regional government, an incubator, the University of Agder and important clusters and research organisations shared their views on the potential of DIH OT in several relevant sectors for the regional economy. Stakeholders found that the regional ecosystem is already well developed and could further benefit from a one-stop shop, both on a local level as well as functioning as a focal point for more interregional and international cooperation.

On the basis of the on-site coaching and the discussions, the Digital Innovation Hub for Ocean Technology, will further work on the sustainability of its business model and reach out for European partners. The DIHELP Academy will continue to support this process, through regular consultations and webinars on the most relevant topics for the DIH.

If you want to learn more about Digital Innovation Hub Ocean Technology, you can get in touch with them at: Anne Grete Ellingsen <age@dih-ot.com>