PISMO DIH operates as a part of Sisak Moslavina County Development agency, and works toward it’s newly defined vision to: “Bring a positive change in SMC to become the centre of the gaming industry and new digital technologies that attracts and retains financing and talent in the region​.”

The hub aims to create working environment for digital transformation, metal processing and gaming industry by offering education, mentoring, facilities, and networking services.

As one of the thirty DIHs selected to benefit from DIHELP support, the hub’s team welcomed the DIHELP coaches on 24-25 of September in Sisak. During these days, they worked intensively to improve their business model and make it more sustainable. With the support of the coaches, the team discussed all the components of their business model and identified specific elements that could be improved in the short or long term to make the DIH more sustainable. They also developed a list of key performance indicators to monitor their progress in the following period.

The visit concluded with a workshop that took place on 26 of September. During the workshop, various stakeholders, including local start-ups, chamber of commerce and clusters, shared their views on the challenges faced in the region. Stakeholders also indicated that they value the existence of the digital innovation hub and pointed to potential improvements or additional actions to tailor their services according to the regional needs.

Find out more about DIH PISMO here: http://inkubator-pismo.eu/en/digital-inovation-hub/