On 13 September, the IoT Digital Innovation Hub partners with DIHELP to organize a Stakeholder Workshop in Salamanca, Spain. The workshop attracts SMEs, startups, investors and many others, giving its attendees the opportunity to share their ideas on digital transformation in the business sector.

The objective is to reunite organizations, companies and individuals interested in discovering new solutions and digital opportunities that will help them implement new technologies.

IoT Digital Innovation Hub is one of the 30 DIHs selected to receive training and advice from The Digital Innovation Hub Enhanced-Learning Programme (DIHELP); a regional project funded by the European Union, which aims to provide training and advice to the companies in EU Member States on financing and managing innovation.

This is a great opportunity to learn about all the services provided by the IoT Digital Innovation Hub and to get in touch with the part of the business ecosystem that is interested in the development of Internet of Things technology and in creating future synergies.